Why We Live a Sober Lifestyle

We’ve Been There We’ve all attempted a sober month, probably after a long bender that made us seriously questions our most recent life decisions. But have you ever seriously contemplated cutting out the booze for good? That time you woke up with a crazy hangover and declared you were never... Read more

HOW TO: Use Your Food Scale Correctly

Ah, the lovely food scale. It can certainly be a great tool to use when tracking your intake, and more specifically when you begin your diet journey. If you’re curious first and foremost whether you need one, we discussed that in a separate blog post that you can find here –> Do... Read more

Why you SHOULD be using lifting straps

Using lifting straps is actually a topic that I have gone back and forth on during my fitness career. I used to think that lifting straps were for the weak, and if you couldn’t hold onto it then you shouldn’t lift it. That was my philosophy. Lifting straps weren’t “functional”... Read more

Do You Need To Use A Food Scale?

  Flexible dieting has been around for several years now, and although people are more open to learning more about this popular method of dieting, there is still some hesitation especially once they hear they have to measure their food using a food scale. I can totally understand why as... Read more

When to start using a lifting belt

Photo Credit: Moffitt Photography “At what point am I lifting heavy enough to use a belt?” This is a question we get a lot from new clients who are just starting to learn about powerlifting. Nearly all powerlifters utilize a lifting belt during meets and during most of their training.... Read more

Choosing the Best Type of Training

“This type of training will help you develop the physique of a Greek God!” As soon as you go online or open a magazine, you’ll probably see an article titled, “6 Moves You MUST Do For Six Pack Abs!” You’ll see this for  training chest, arms, and your booty too.... Read more

The Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals

How many goals have you accomplished this year? We are seven months into 2017.. Have you checked any boxes off  of your New Year’s Resolutions? Goals are easy to set, but very rarely do we see them all the way through. The problem is that we get excited and we... Read more

Guidelines to Your Fitness Budget: Balancing Your Goals

You’ve seen a budget before. You have probably come up with one to make sure you can pay your bills every month. But budgets aren’t always financial. The term “budgeting” is extremely relevant when it comes to your fitness goals and in ultimately determining your level of success. We’re going... Read more

Filtering Through the Miracle Diets: Which Works Best?

The Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, Keto, Paleo… You can probably Google 25 more that will express how THIS diet will change your life. Which diet truly creates the best transformations? Let’s go through a few of the most popular and identify the winner. The Keto Diet The... Read more