Why a balanced life is the key to losing weight…and keeping it off

Every January millions of people set their resolution to lose weight or become healthier. In fact, losing weight is the number 1 resolution almost every year. What is unfortunate about this statistic is that only 8% of those people succeed. That means 92% of those individuals give up or fail at their attempt to lose weight-most within the first 2 months.

I wanted to approach this topic as we are just about two weeks into 2015. If your goal is to lose weight, you may be going strong still, and I want to help you put that statistic to shame. What a lot of people don’t understand is that there is no quick fix to losing weight. There is not a special diet, no pill, skinny tea, or supplement is going to transform your body. I can’t even guarantee you that a fad diet is going to work. Actually, I can promise you that it isn’t. What exactly is a fad diet? Usually it’s an extreme effort to lose weight. It can involve cutting out whole macronutrient groups like carbs or fats, it can involve eliminating sugar or gluten, or it can have you ridding your body of all processed foods.

The words eliminating, cutting out and ridding should be shooting red flags and fireworks right out in front of you. It took me quite a while and many fad diet experiments of my own to realize that none of these diets were sustainable. I simply could not see myself eating paleo, ketogenic, 100% clean eating or low-carb for the rest of my life. It just was not realistic. It came down to me not eating at family functions, I missed my own birthday cake last year, and I would get extremely anxious if I ever had to eat out. Who wants to live like that? I decided to make a change.

We’ve all seen IIFYM or “If It Fits Your Macros” all over Instagram and social media but what really is it? In simple terms, it is flexible dieting. It is eating a balanced diet of protein, carbs and fats that are calculated to fuel your body. We are all different, so we all have different amounts of the 3 macronutrients that are necessary for daily life. Your personal numbers can be calculated by finding you Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or how many calories you burn from simply doing nothing like laying in bed all day. That number is then used to find your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) or the number of calories you burn from daily activities like walking, eating, exercise, etc. Factoring in your age, height, weight and gender we then can figure out your specific macros. Flexible dieting/IIFYM is solely based on science. As long as you hit your daily macronutrient goals, which are altered to your goals, you will get results. There is no limitations, elimination of entire food groups or macronutrients or limitations of any kind and personally I think that’s why I have been so successful, and why it works for so many people. I don’t crave certain foods like I used to when I was on those other diets, especially my clean eating streak. I incorporate foods like pop tarts, crackers, bagels, fruit, bacon into my every day life. Now I’m not saying this is a free for all eat whatever you want diet. To hit your macros you’re going to need to incorporate lean sources of protein like chicken, complex carbs like oats and potatoes as well as healthy fats like nuts for the majority of your diet but there will be room for more of your favorite foods that you just don’t want to part with. As long as you hit your numbers you will. To gain weight, regardless of the type of food your consume. This approach is based on the fact that your body recognizes carbs from a pop tart the same as carbs from a healthier option when used in the correct situation.

One of the best parts about this balanced approach is that I have no cravings or desire to binge on cheat meals like I used to when I was eating strictly 100% clean. I didn’t take in any sugar, or processed foods all week, then when cheat day came I would totally binge, eat until I was extremely uncomfortable (I can recall many times when after my cheat meal I would have to lay in bed for hours because my stomach hurt so bad). I would regret every cheat meal afterwards after over-indulging yet it would happen every week since I restricted so much. This is not healthy for your body (stomach) or mind! Now that I have foods that may not be particularly “healthy” during the week in moderation, I have zero cravings or desire to have a cheat meal at all. Most of the time I use the pop tarts and simple carbs to my advantage and consume them around my training at the gym- because they are absorbed so fast by the body that they will be used in the workouts immediately or used to repair the muscle and aid in recovery afterwards. But that’s nutrient timing and a whole different topic!

After just a few weeks of living a balanced (and healthier) life, I am losing body fat, gaining self-confidence, I have a happy belly, and my mental clarity and positivity is higher than ever! You do not need to go to the extremes to shed hose unwanted pounds. Science does not lie, and neither do I! If you are interested in having your macros calculated, want to try IIFYM/Flexible Dieting or just simply have more questions about this topic, email us at FitnessTeam@sd-evolution.com or visit our website www.sd-evolution.com to see what we offer!

Don’t fall into the stereotype I talked about above, let 2015 be the year that you reach your goals and commit to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.




Josh & Alessandra are Connecticut natives who moved to San Diego to pursue their passion of spreading the healthy lifestyle through fitness and wellness. Both graduated from Central Connecticut State University however it wasn't until both resided on the West Coast when they decided to join forces not only as a power couple but as business partners. Using their combined knowledge and experience, they have made it their mission to continue changing lives one client at a time.