Get comfortable being uncomfortable: Discover your 2014 mantra

Happy Monday Everyone!

Isn’t it crazy that there are only 23 days left of 2014?! Time has literally been flying by for us out here in San Diego. I am so grateful for everything that has crossed my path this year and pushed me to grow in so many ways. I would definitely say my overall mantra of this year was getting out of my comfort zone. From starting the year off by transforming my body prepping for my first NPC Bikini Competition, to running a couple half-marathons, to having the trip of a lifetime auditioning for the Beachbody Talent Team in Los Angeles, to moving across the country to my new home of San Diego… becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable was my lesson to be learned in 2014.

Before setting your goals for 2015, I think it is ideal to reflect on what you accomplished in 2014. Did you stick to all of your goals? Did you fall short of some? Why do you think that happened? – These are some questions that you can ask yourself. Focus on the positives- what was your mantra?


As I was thinking about my accomplishments of 2014, I realized I have put running on the back burner and decided to rekindle my love of running once again. No matter how many times I stray away from it, I always seem to come back to it. While I will always lift heavy weights, running will forever have a special place in my heart- so I do both! What’s different about my running journey this time is that I have taken my runs to the trails! Since I love being outdoors–who doesn’t in San Diego 😉 — trail running has been not only a new adventure, but a new challenge for me! There’s no better motivation than that of an awesome view after climbing a mountain. Although I don’t do it everyday, the few times per week that I get to explore the trails provide me clarity, let me “escape” life for just a little while, and push my body in ways that the flat streets just wouldn’t be able to. It made me realize that fitness really is most successful when you are doing something that you really enjoy. runblog1    runblog2 runblog4       runblog6

   Also, before the end of the year I wanted to challenge myself to once again get out of my comfort zone ONE more time. I decided that I wanted to learn how to surf! I can’t believe it has taken me THIS long to even try after living out here for 6 months already. My roommates and I headed down to Everyday California in La Jolla to rent boards & wetsuits (because let’s face it- even in San Diego the ocean is chilly in December). As nervous as I was I was more excited to learn a new hobby alongside friends. After a few face-plants into the ocean (typical) , I finally got the hang of catching the waves & even got up a few times. Let me tell you- it was one of the most exhilarating feelings not only gliding across the water, but achieving something I never thought I would do! Check out some pictures of my first surfing adventure:

sur1 surf2surf3

A lot of my photos are taken with my AWESOME GoPro that my Grandmama bought for me before moving out to Cali. That thing captures all of my favorite memories & I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new camera!

Have I inspired you to get out there & try something new with the few weeks left we have of 2014?? It doesn’t even have to be anything TOO crazy but just enough for you to be uncomfortable. I promise the fulfillment you get when actually going through and doing something you aren’t used to is enough to last you through the new year. Now go get busy livin’!


Josh & Alessandra are Connecticut natives who moved to San Diego to pursue their passion of spreading the healthy lifestyle through fitness and wellness. Both graduated from Central Connecticut State University however it wasn't until both resided on the West Coast when they decided to join forces not only as a power couple but as business partners. Using their combined knowledge and experience, they have made it their mission to continue changing lives one client at a time.