Why I don’t believe in cheat meals

Splitting a pizza, eating a tub of ice cream, a huge burger with fries and a large chocolate milk shake to wash it down followed by a trip to the grocery store for bags of candy. You’ve probably seen people post pictures of these things on a Saturday or Sunday... Read more


Alessandra Daniele, B.S. Exercise Science, CPT, EP-C I tend to be a diehard individual. When I start a book, I feel the need to finish it within that same day. When I find a new food I like, I will eat that same food for weeks straight. When I first... Read more

Post-workout Nutrition: Are you doing it right?

Depending on what type of exercise you are doing (resistance training or endurance exercise) you are either in a negative or positive balance of protein turnover. When protein synthesis is greater than protein breakdown, you are in a hypertrophic state or building muscle. When protein breakdown is greater, you are... Read more

I’m not strong for a girl.

I’m just strong. Strong, powerful and determined females are starting to grow in the fitness industry, however there is still that stigma going around that females should either not be strong, or they are associated with the saying “like a girl” or “for a girl”. When people say to me... Read more