4 Fun And Easy Ways To Get Your Family Active!

1.   Hiking: Hiking is the top option on my list. What better way to relieve stress and break away from the everyday anxieties of the real world than getting lost in nature for a day with your family? There are plenty of beautiful trails you can find on the... Read more

Why not today?

Earlier this week Josh and I decided to take control. With a slower week at work for both of us, it was time to get re-inspired to be the power couple that we know we can be. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of day to day... Read more

Energy flows where intention grows.

With it being my last two weeks as an intern at Fitness Quest 10, it is so important to keep my energy going. The past few months have been the most amazing and most physically demanding of my life and as long as some days have been I am incredibly... Read more


Happy August 1st Fit Girl Mob!   I decided last night when I was taking a few minutes to relax from packing to kind of do an “overview” of my life. SO much has changed for me in the past few months and I am going through some huge life... Read more

Simple ways to live inspired

During the past few months at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego I have lived more inspired than ever before. Not only to better myself through my career, but changing my whole outlook on life. I not only have learned more than I could imagine about training and running a... Read more


If you follow me on Instagram, you have constantly seen me post quotes about self-love, self-appreciation and of course taking care of your body. Between the media, and everything else we have to deal with in society these days, I feel like the appreciation we should have just to be... Read more

There is no strength without a struggle

I knew going into this bikini prep that I would at some point face a struggle. I knew that the world of Bodybuilding was a very competitive one. And I also knew that I had to almost be prepared more mentally than I did physically.  However I did not realize... Read more