Why not today?

Earlier this week Josh and I decided to take control. With a slower week at work for both of us, it was time to get re-inspired to be the power couple that we know we can be. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of day to day activities and forget the important things. To stay motivated we decided to take the evening and write down our monthly, 3 month, 6 month and yearly goals in the aspects of work, personal, and our relationship. We both have so many ideas and dreams we want to accomplish and by writing these down we were able to not only become excited again, but make these goals a reality.


Ask yourself: Why not today? What is stopping you from declaring your goals and ultimately beginning to dig for those goals today? I guarantee you you’re going to come up with excuses like time, money or even the fear of failure. You mean to tell me you can’t find 30 minutes each day to work on you? That’s really all you need. Is money the issue? Break it down. Start small. with our current launch of Bad Ass Bootcamps obviously we want to buy top of the line equipment to provide our clients with the best, but it’s called a start-up business for a reason! $10 on some training cones, $50 on a banner and that’s all we need…for now. And failure? Our quote of the day on our white board is currently this:


So with the excuses out of the way, let me ask you again: Why not today?

It’s now been 3 weeks that I have been super on point with my macronutrients and it really is making me feel amazing. Of course, every week (usually on Saturdays) we go out for a cheat meal/cheat treat/refeed. Last week I picked ice cream and this week Josh picked burgers! So off we went to one of San Diego’s highest rated burger joints: Slater’s 50/50 and designed our own burgers! You even get to name it so when they bring you your food the waiter pronounces each one. I obviously named mine the Fit Girl Gainz and Josh called his the Cheat Meal Supreme. After sticking to our weekly clean foods it was rewarding and extra delicious to indulge!


Although I preach clean eating and living the healthy lifestyle, I highly support indulging every once in a while. Not only is it good for your mind, but it’s actually good for your body. When you are eating a strict diet of clean foods to lose body fat, your leptin levels actually decrease which eventually prohibits fat burn after a while. Ever diet and see great results then hit a plateau even thought you’re still dieting? This would be due to our little friend leptin. Now when eating a weekly cheat meal that’s increasing your caloric intake more than usual, you cause this leptin levels to spike up again which actually allows your body to keep burning fat. So yes, go enjoy that burger, ice cream or whatever your guilty pleasure may be!


Now to enjoy a relaxing football Sunday, hit the gym and prepare food (and thoughts) for the week! Happy Sunday Fit Girl Mob 🙂


Josh & Alessandra are Connecticut natives who moved to San Diego to pursue their passion of spreading the healthy lifestyle through fitness and wellness. Both graduated from Central Connecticut State University however it wasn't until both resided on the West Coast when they decided to join forces not only as a power couple but as business partners. Using their combined knowledge and experience, they have made it their mission to continue changing lives one client at a time.